Product highlights

  • Hosting environment supported and maintained by NetCASE
  • Always the latest version of CMS software
  • Resilient management software with intuitive user interface and accessible online help
  • Create Media Player groups to update contents to a large number of Media Players simultaneously
  • Assign administrators for a number of Media Players
  • Offer flexible central scheduling based on one-off, daily, weekly or monthly timescales
  • Supports static images, video, text, RSS feeds
  • Create current screenshots of any active Media Player with the click of a button
  • Supported in virtual machines and cloud-based VMs such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS

Intuitive user interface

The basic user interface of the NetCASE CMS is built around the everyday concepts of

  • Library tab where all assets like videos, photos and other graphics are uploaded and stored
  • My Content tab where these assets are combined with texts using predefined templates to form Pages
  • and a My Players tab where the previously defined pages are strung together to form a Playlist

This provides for a very intuitive way of working that is easy to understand even for a novice.

Industry standards

The CMS software is built using industry standard technologies:

Linux Centos 7 platform


Apache version 2.4 webserver




data communication using JSON and XML